How to use Tubby Buddy in chrome

How to use Tubby Buddy in chrome

 Tubebuddy is a chrome extension that will help you with the SEO - Search Engine Optimization of your YouTube Channel. It will help you to optimize your videos properly so that your video ranks in a higher position and get more views.

You can add the TubeBuddy extensions on various browsers such as -

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge

How does TubeBuddy work?

If you are using a desktop or a laptop, then add the TubeBuddy extension to your bowser and if you are using a mobile phone, then you will need the Mozilla firefox to use TubeBuddy.

Login to the TubeBuddy with the same email id, as of your YouTube channel

The TubeBuddy tool will be shown on the top bar on YouTube.

Now, when you upload the video on the YouTube channel, the TubeBuddy will suggest to you the tags that are very suitable and similar to the title of your video. The free version of the TubeBuddy will suggest you the 3 tags at a time and the paid version will suggest you up to 140tags.

The TubeBuddy will also help you with the competitor analysis. You can analyze the videos of your competitor with this tool. Just search the video of your competitor and the TubeBuddy will show you the tags of the videos. It will also show you the position of particular tags for which the video is ranking 

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